Pizza Box Business Delivery

Set up your online business as easy as ordering a pizza!

Many small businesses just don’t have the capital to invest in online platforms and marketing. We have tailor made this package just for you!

There are many free website platforms online, but none of them offer one crucial element – actually owning your own domain and website. Every single one of them can change overnight and leave you hanging with months (or even years) worth of work just down the drain. If you are okay with “renting” your website from someone else till the end of time then this package isn’t for you.

But if you are looking for an affordable, Out-of-the-Box solution, then let’s continue this journey.

This package is custom made for – Small Business Owners, Single Proprietor, Start-ups, side-line business ventures, churches, and non-profits, basically anybody that needs a quick, affordable answer to get started.

Our offer consists of the following:

  • First year’s domain registration and hosting
  • FREE SSL Security Certificate on your domain
  • Up to 2 page website setup (depending on the layout you choose)
  • All for only R599 per month – for 6 months
    • and optional – 6 month’s Social Media Maintenance @ 25% discount (Click Here for Our Social Media Packages)
    • (only valid for Pizza Box customers)

How to get going…

  1. Decide you like the package and its exactly what you need
  2. Get in contact with us, all our details are below.
  3. Choose a layout which would suit your content best and let’s get going!

Pizza Business Box

  • Setup fee ONCE OFF, no monthly fees to keep your site running.
  • Own your own domain
  • You can never be locked out or left in the dark by platform changes beyond your control
  • Normal, basic functionality and up to 5GB space at no extra costs.
  • We insert all the info correctly into the layout of your choice
  • All SEO effort goes to YOUR business
  • Help with SEO, keywords, metatags and all the technical stuff

Other web platforms

  • “Free”, except you need an unending subscription if you want any functionality.
  • Get a sub domain owned by ??
  • The platform can change overnight leaving you without a site and no-one to contact to get it back.
  • Free options are severely limited in functionality, space and customisation.
  • You do all the grunt work, with no support when you get stuck.
  • SEO efforts goes to parent domain.
  • You need to figure out the technical bits or sit with ZERO SEO ranking after you managed to build your site.

Terms and Conditions: (AKA The Boring Stuff)

  1. Domain names subject to availability
  2. First year’s registration and hosting free, renewals from second year for your account.
  3. No changes to the chosen layout except content and pictures inserted in the areas shown.
  4. Up to 3 proofs sent for approval to site. No second proof redesign of content.
  5. All content and imagery needs to be supplied in the highest resolution possible
  6. Maximum written content measured as: 4xA4 Word document, Calibri, 10 points, 1 point line spacing.

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